Q: How do I create a new advertising campaign?

Q: How do I add a new advertising client?

Q: Do you support javascript tags?
Several positions and ad types support javascript based ad creatives.

The following types support HTML5 or Javascript based ad tags:
On Mobile:
-Frontpage Banner

On Tablet:

Q: How do I implement a sponsorship for 100% of impressions? (100% Share of Voice, 100% Run of Site, etc.)

First, determine the duration the ad will run.  When creating the ad campaign, use the exact date, but set the impressions to a very high value like 1,000,000,000.  Next, set the weigh higher than any of your other line items, say 999.  Finally, make sure to disable smoothing.  The result is a campaign that will fill all demand and run for the full duration of time the sponsorship or deal is in place.

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