Q: What Paywall Providers does NEWSCYCLE support?

A: NEWSCYCLE currently supports the following Paywall Providers: 

MG2 (Naviga)

The required information for each of these will include: 

API Key, Authorized Service IDs, Service URL, and API Secret. 

Additional information you can control includes:

Login Cache dates range, Number of articles allowed before asked to log in, Time span for number of articles metric to reset.

Q: Can I add a "Don't have a log in? Follow this link for Membership options" link under the subscription log in?

A: In short, no. It’s unfortunate, but unless we pay Apple for store access (30% of all transactions) they will not let you link to any membership page. We recommend that you provide an email and/or phone number in the popup (see below) so that users can contact the station about membership. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an instant removal from the app store.

Q: How do I add paywall to my app?

A: We support a select number of providers. So reach out and we can let you know who those would be and how you can integrate it into your app.

Q: Does adding paywall require a rebuild of my app?

A: Nope! We can essentially 'flip a switch' and users will be able to see the addition of the paywall when they reopen the app.

Q: What does the popup and login look like?

Q: Can I edit the paywall popup and login strings?
A: Yes!  Simply click the Advanced Settings button in the paywall configuration section of our backend.  Here is an example:

Q: What are the steps for the new DPM/SSO Paywall Integration?

  1. Login to https://publish.newscyclemobile.com and select your app.
  2. Click on “Info” tab at the top and scroll down to the “paywall” section.
  3. Select “Syncronex” from the Paywall service dropdown and fill out the fields.  Make sure to click on the “iPad” and “Android” buttons to fill out settings for each.  If you would like to control the strings that are displayed when your paywall login prompt is shown click on “Advanced Settings”

Here is an example of what this all looks like:

And similar to other paywall integration as stated above, as soon as you hit “save” the changes are live (just need to restart app).

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