All New Video Gallery & Player

You may think video playback on mobile is dead.  The truth is that it has big potential.  Video should be immersive and easy.  Our new design is scroll to watch.  As you scroll videos will play automatically.  Currently, pre-roll is the only way to monetize video.  This new alternative will give publishers the ability to do in-line native advertising and in-line video advertising (coming soon).

We have wired analytics into this view to gauge it's success.  We plan to get feedback and build more advertising capability into this in the future.


Photo Gallery Improvements

We also see photo galleries as a missed opportunity.  We want photos to fit into that familiar flow users see in the article stream: a variety of teases that lead to more scrollable photo galleries.

Multi-Gallery is what you will use when you have a feed full of individual galleries.  We generate teases based on the number and quality of the photos in each item.  

That covers the "Multi-Gallery."  The "Gallery" on the other hand is a single gallery.  For this feed type we bypass the whole list of teases and get right to the photos.


Article Stream Enhancements

In preparation for future of mixed media streams we have redesigned each stream card to get users closer to the media behind them.  

  • We no longer crop photos!  We now analyze every photo coming through our system and include size with every image.  This allows us to layout articles without cropping.  There will be no more inappropriate red carpet crops on your favorite Hollywood actress.
  • Share from the stream.  An item can be shared right from the stream by hitting the share button at the bottom right of each card.
  • Bigger, bolder and better fonts.  We have gone with a new system font family in iOS.  They are bolder, bigger and more flexible to layout and accessibility changes.
  • Compact - For those items with small images we go with a smaller image thumbnail.  Any item with thumbnail smaller the 300px will do this.
  • Audio - Items with a audio podcast behind it will display as an audio item.  Users can play audio right from the stream.

We detect photos sizes now so we will no longer make unfavorable crops on red carpet photos.

App Navigation

It was a dirty task but somebody had to do it.  Rewriting the core navigation of your product is not the most exciting work but it had to be done.  It does come with some benefits that streamline the app.  It's brighter, customizable and it takes up less space in the app.



We have been building towards universal color for the app for while.  Now that the new navigation is built we can finally bring you full color top bars.  It brings some much needed life and branding to your app.

  • Top Bar - White or Full Color
  • App Color - The color you choose for either top bar will take effect across the app.  Both, Android and iOS will use them for headers, buttons and icons.
  • Do not choose white or black!  Your content could become invisible.  We have a tool build in to help you select a color from you uploaded branding.
  • Requires App Store submission.  We won't be changing your branding on the fly.  It's baked into the build and requires resubmission to the app.  Make sure it looks how you want it to in the test app before submission.

Go to your app in and under branding you will see the new UI to make changes to your branding.

Additional Changes

  • Fixed issue for iOS where front page titles were not showing.  For iPhone sizes (SE, 5s, 5, 4s, 4) the titles are hidden (for practical reasons) on the smaller tiles.  For iPhone sizes (6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X) the titles will show across the front page titles.
  • Bigger, bolder text and fonts throughout the app.  We are now using System Font in iOS.  For those trying to match styles see Variable Fonts On The Web

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