With many apps in the marketplace, it is important to set your app apart from the others.  Consistent branding and color throughout your app will improve the user experience and convey a higher quality native feel to your app.

Top Bar Options

As you can see, tinting is important to both white and full color top bar designs.

App Color Built Into the App

This tint is baked into the app.  All your icons, section headers, navigation, loading bars, progress bars and more use this tint color.  It's core to the app as it appears across it's core components.

How to Set Your App Color

  • Go into your app at publish.newscyclemobile.com and click "Branding."
  • Scroll down to "In-App Branding" section.
  • You can choose between "White" (solid white top bar) or "Full Color" (solid color top bar).
  • Under "Choose Color" you can select a color that we pull directly from your app icon or you can enter a custom color by clicking on the color in the input field.
  • If you selected "Full Color" for the top bar, make sure you upload a new "App Logo."  To do this, you need to delete the current "App Logo" and upload a new one.  (See animation above).

Some Guidelines

Embrace simplicity.  Find a single element that captures the essence of your brand.  Add details cautiously.  If your app logo becomes too complex it will be hard to discern at smaller sizes.

Allow transparency.  Let the color of the top bar show through your app logo.  White boxes tend to make apps look cheap or white-labeled.

Use color contrast for legibility.  Make sure the colors you choose for your app tint and top bar logo offer a lot of visual contrast.  Your tint should be easy to read over white backgrounds.

The same contrast rules apply to tints over white.

Avoid using black or gray.  Blacks and gray will be nearly invisible in some sections of the app.  Although it might be the easy way out, color adds character and helps your app stand out in the market place.

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