Here are the steps to take if you find an offensive or inappropriate advertisement in your app. Going in and reporting it directly from your device will get it blocked quickly and ensure it gets properly flagged. Follow the progression of in-app screenshots as we walk you through the process of reporting and blocking an advertisement.

In this above ad, click on the 'Learn More' button, taking you to the next image below.

Next, you will click 'Report This Ad'. Followed by the next image. 

Here, we will click 'It's misleading, offensive or inappropriate', (noted by the red underline) but if you feel one of the other options is more relevant to what you are seeing, click those. For the Misleading ad information, it will display another screen (shown below) with more options for you to describe the reason for reporting an ad.

There is a wide range of options to pick here. As noted by the red underline, we flagged this advertisement as 'Misleading'. When you decide which option best describes the reason you're blocking an ad, the final screen will display (shown below) and the ad has been blocked and Facebook will remove it and any ads like it from displaying in your app.

These are the steps to report, block and remove offensive or inappropriate Facebook Ads from your app. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 

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