Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Situations you might find yourself in with your new Alexa Flash Briefing.

Q: What is the best way to save my mp3 File?
A: We recommend using Dropbox to save your mp3 File, and then using the URL Link that Dropbox gives you to upload it to Publisher for us. This creates a 'FilePath' for the Alexa Technology to trace back and forth every time you update your files.

Q: My Alexa Flash Briefing is giving me an error, how do I fix my file?
A: There are usually two scenarios for your Flash Briefing to be giving an error:

  1. Your Flash Briefing hasn't been 'Certified' through Amazons approval process, and you have tried to update your files prematurely. When this happens you have 'broken' the FilePath causing no files to be played. 
  2. Since your Flash Briefing has been live, someone has deleted the Dropbox FilePath and tried to create a new one. 

To fix these scenarios: please go in and update your files in Dropbox, by highlighting the old file, and dragging and dropping the new file over top of it. DO NOT leave the Dropbox file empty – this is the File Path that Alexa has to follow every time you update the files.

Q: Our Station uses Audacity, and our Dropbox File keeps breaking?
A: We have tested this with some Stations using Audacity,  it seems that overwriting the file directly using Audacity will break the link.  But, if you save the file in a temporary location and then using windows file explorer to copy and paste/overwrite then it does not break the link.

Q: How do users enable my stations Flash Briefing Skill?
A: Users with an Alexa will go to their Alexa App on their mobile device and search for your station in the list of 'Skills'. When they find it, they click 'Enable' and it will be listed in their device Skills and play your News/Weather/Sports files as they ask 'Alexa, What is my daily flash briefing?" 

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