You will need the following information in order to transfer an app in Google Play. 

  1. Developer Name for Target Account
  2. Original account email address (Account currently linked to the apps)
  3. Transaction ID for the original account's Developer Console registration
  4. Target account email address (Account where you'd like to transfer the apps)
  5. Transaction ID for the target account's Developer Console registration
  6. App name and Package ID

How do you find your transaction ID? 

(Make sure you are in an Incognito window for this step)

Navigate to and log in to your account.

Once logged in, browse for your purchase or use the search function to locate it.

After finding the order, click on it to open the transaction details page for the order.

Look in the right side of the page for a ‘Transaction’ code. This is the Transaction ID for your order.

The Google Wallet Transaction ID is typically formatted like this:


For the specific android transaction, we’re looking for something very similar to:

 Select that and use the value from the red arrow in the above image.

When you have received all the information listed in 1-6, then follow this link and fill out the request form.

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