Many times embeded links inside articles are removed from our feed cleaning process.  We have enabled a way to leverage the power of oEmbed to enable known good sources for mobile.

Whitelisted oEmbed Providers 

  • youtube
  • vimeo
  • flickr
  • twitter
  • Soundcloud
  • spotify
  • livestream
  • reddit


<embed type="oembed">whitelisted oembed provider's link</embed> 

<embed type="oembed"></embed> 


If there is content that you would like to embed that isn't available via oEmbed, changing the type to "raw" will allow for feed cleaning to bypass.

<embed type="raw">text/code that you want to bypass our feed cleaning process</embed> 

To use: start with the <embed type="raw"> here, insert all of the tags, code and text you are using - important to include ALL of the tags you are using. Next, finish it with the </embed> tag. This is essentially telling our 'feed cleaner' to skip everything within this embed tag.  

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