New App Publisher Tool (Beta)

Every good house needs a strong foundation and that new foundation is the new publisher tool at  Our old publisher tool was more about app configuration, but the new one is about the ongoing management of your apps. The key to the new user interface is analytics, content, app design flexibility, push and daily ease of use.  It's a totally new approach to managing your app and is designed to make your daily tasks easier.

  • Analytics - development is ongoing.  Snapshot of what is going on in your app.
  • Content - manage front page, view content (as it appears in app, set up targeted push and push directly to article. This feature requires activation, contact to begin the activation process.

Targeted Push


You will now be able to categorize push into "topics."  To enable a topic choose a subsection, click "Edit" and turn on "Push Enabled."

Once you have set up some push enabled sections and you have them how you like them click "Alerts" and then "Activate Targeted Push."

Once you activate that initial set of subsections, your users will begin seeing the new on-boarding screens on app open.

Editing and maintaining these sections are ongoing.  We built the system to be flexible.  We recommend that you start generic and build more niche categories as you go.  


You only have one shot to hit your users with this initial on-boarding experience BUT you can build new targeted more push channels as you go.  If you enable new sections for push they will be exposed to your users ongoing.

Targeted push topics can be created, hidden, made visible again and deleted.  Like subsections, they can be stationary or circulating.  Once you start using the new admin, you will see that your push topics are essentially linked to the content within your app.


We want to reward your craftsmanship in the article view and the new push system will help you get that article exposure. 

  • We no longer silo notifications.  The notification section is just a directory of what has been sent.
  • Clicking on a notification will take your users directly to that article within that subsection.
  • Generates exposure to articles crafted from your CMS.

Marrying push channels with your content gives you a direct path right to an article that you control.  This will not only generate exposure to the article but also the subsection they reside.

How do I get started?

  • The updated apps will roll out with targeted push capability.  They are backwards compatible with the current system and will work as expected.  It all worked on the same robust API's out there today.
  • Keep reading the introduction materials and head over to ( 

Here is our recommendation on best practices:

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