1. Install the dropbox app on your computer
  2. Create a folder in your dropbox called ‘alexa’
  3. Make an MP3 according to the specifications in our documentation: https://docs.newscyclemobile.com/getting-started/voice-controlled-apps-setup
  4. I would suggest calling it like news.mp3
  5. Drag and drop news.mp3 in to your alexa folder
  6. Copy the dropbox URL, paste it into our publisher backend “Labs” page
  7. Whenever you want to update the audio, do steps 3,4,5 above making sure you OVERWRITE the existing mp3 file (do not delete, then copy).Anyting other than an overwrite will change the dropbox URL.You do not need to back to our publisher and update the URL or re-upload anything.As long as the dropbox URL did not change, the content will be picked up my Alexa within 15 minutes.
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