This document will give an overview of the, newly added, Content section in our mobile publisher tool (  For peace of mind, I want to remind users that the new UI is built on the same robust APIs that currently drive the app.  

The goal with the new UI is to make life easier for content producers and their teams to manage the app.

It all starts by logging into  Use your existing Newscycle login.  This experience always starts with an overview with our app analytics.  

In the drawer to the left you will see the, newly available, "Content" section.  If they is still disabled, and you would like to have access, just let us know by messaging us through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Front Page

The content section features a secondary drawer with a few more option specific to the content and it's layout within your app.  Your content will display in the panel on the right.


The alerts panel is where you can see and edit all scheduled or sent pushes in your app.  This is a directory of all the push notifications sent.  There is also the ability to compose and send a quick push (we recommend you push to article).

For a deeper dive into alerts, targeted push and quick push please follow the recommended sections below.

Sections and Subsections

Built into the drawer is your app navigation.  Click on any section to open the folder to view it's subsections.  See content as it will appear in the app.

Clicking edit will bring up familiar configuration from the old publisher:


Click on any item in your article feed to see the article as it will appear in app.  In this example "New Releases" is a push enabled feed.  

Now, any article that comes in this feed can be pushed out with a simple click.

For more details on how the push works, end to end, see our documentation here

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