Before we dive into quick push it is important to point out a couple things.

  • The page scraper is gone.  Since adding push to article we feel scraping your web site's url is not optimal.  
  • We strongly recommend getting users to your article with targeted push.  This will generate more exposer to your sections and allow you and your team to manage the article CMS side.

We understand, however, that there are moments when a push must go out now!  This is where "Quick Push" comes into play.

If you go to and click "Content" you will see "Quick Push" under the "Alerts" section.  To get an overview "Content" go here.


Clicking "Quick Push" will pull out step one of the feature. Composing the content.

Configuring the Notification

Quick push is built into all the same great technology that drives your targeted push.  This means you can push to everyone or any on of your target push audiences.  By default we target everyone on a quick push.  

Target "Everyone" or Target an Audience

My example push is an automotive push so I am going to target my "Auto" subscribers.

Controlling the 'Display' time on the Home Screen.

You can edit the duration of time that the push notification will remain 'clickable' at the top of the Home Screen. Options are 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 6 Hours and 12 Hours with 3 Hours being the default setting. 

Editing an Article

The push title and the article title are separated. In fact the two items article and push notifications are mutually exclusive here only sharing a link to each other.


Quick pushes can be scheduled like any other push.  The article is editable for as long as that item is in the push feed.

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