One of the core features behind the the new management tool is targeted push.  In this document, we will focus on how make the switch to targeted push.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You choose when you want to go live.  Current push system continues work as it does today.  Setup happens behind the scenes.
  • App version 4.27 or greater has targeted push baked in.
  • When you are ready to go live you "activate targeted push" (see below) and users will onboard at that point forward.
  • The system is flexible so targeted sections can be added or removed ongoing. Don't be afraid to experiment. 
  • To set up targeted push you will have to use the new admin tool at 
  • For best practices and recommendations to get you start see our documentation.


Go to, sign in, click "Settings", and then "Push Settings". Just toggle the "Setup" switch.

Now you can go into your "Content" and get started. This is where you set up your targeted push behind the scenes.  

Think about the structure of your app

Push targets are married to the subsections in your app.  Many apps already have great app navigation to work with.  Some will need to be restructured.  Think of your sections more like tags you can divide your audience into.  This is a great example in one of our apps here in Minnesota.  Some users here may love the Wild and be less enthusiastic about the Timberwolves.  

Enable a Subsection for Push

This local sports app In this example I want "Motorsports" to be a enabled push topic.  

If you try to push to a topic that isn't enabled yet, it will ask you if you want to enable it.  Images are required and really only serve as a "profile photo" for the push target.

Another simple way to enable a section is to click "Edit" within that subsection and tap the switch to enable push (see image below).

I can see that "Motorsports" is enabled in the section header.

Reviewing Topics

As you enable topics, you can review them in the "Alerts" section of the app.  It is here where you will see the final, turn-key button to "Activate Targeted Push" within you app.  This button will open up the Push Settings window from before. Toggle the Go Live switch, hit save, confirm and you are live!

What Happens in App

Once you "Activate Targeted Push" new and all existing users will go through a quick on-boarding to choose some topics to follow.



Topics will also appear throughout the app: on the front page (when new topics come in), header of the articles (within enabled push subsections) and in the in the notification section .

It's flexible

You can always change things!  

  • You can disable and enable sections.  We will keep your audience intact.
  • You can rename sections.  In my Driver News example I can change the name from "New Releases" to "Detroit Auto Show" and maintain that audience.  Delete subsections you know you will never use again to avoid mistakes.
  • You can add and enable new sections.  They will get exposed in the app.
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