The new admin at was redesigned from the ground up to make pushing to articles as easy and as natural as possible.    All the push features will be located under "Content" which is where you manage your mobile apps content.  Visit our Content Overview for more general information.

Pushing to article

  • We highly recommend you use push to article over Quick Push as it offers exposure throughout your app.
  • Works seamlessly with targeted push topic.
  • Push points to article and updates from CMS.  You can make updates and changes on your end.
  • You can send to everyone or send to a target audience.


Quick Overview

Under "Content" you will see the secondary drawer with your Front Page layout, Alerts and you navigation hierarchy.  Navigate to one of your subsections.  Here is an overview of the subsection:

Navigate to Article

Open an article you want to push.  Here is an overview of the article panel:

Tap the Bell

The article looks good.  Tap the bell to set up the push.

Send the Push

Once you press send the user experience is really straight forward.


Notification features app icon, app name, targeted section and app title.  Pressing down on the push will show a bigger preview of the image and full story title.  Taping on the push takes you into the article within the that enabled push subsection.


Android offers the same flow with some additional features.

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