In an effort to get content producers connected with the content they push, we have moved push to section out into the section itself.

Few details on how push to section works with targeted push.

  • You do not need the section to be "Push-Enabled" to push the section to your targeted audiences.
  • You can, however, push enable any section such as a web view and use push to section to target that audience.  Examples: Watch live, traffic, radar, forecast, school closings, etc.  This way your users have to choice to be notified about such content.

To push to section go to the section you want to push and click the bell.

A side panel will open with an alert.  We just want to make sure you didn't intend on pushing an article in the stream.

Click "Understood"

You will now see a panel where you can configure your push message.

Select an Audience

Select an audience (push enabled topics) to target your push to section message to.

Configure Notification Options and Schedule

  • With Sound - Typical notification with sound.
  • No Sound - Notification shows on lock screen without sound.
  • In-App Only - Will show up in the red banner, in-app on the homepage.  Also shows in the notification panel.
  • Send to All -  Allows you to target and audience but push to everyone who has notifications on.  Example would be an important hurricane section that you want your entire audience to see.

Upload an Image (Optional)

Push to Section

After the push has been sent you will see it under "Alerts" in the directory of scheduled and sent pushes.

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