This document will talk you through how to create the necessary pieces within DFP to be able to utilize our DFP Native advertisements. (Note: As of July 26th, Google no longer allows the direct import of Native Custom Formats, so you now need to carefully recreate what our platform expects.)

Custom Format

A custom format defines the set of information necessary to be able to make a Native ad work.  It defines what a ad creative can use in these special slots.  Our team has defined what needs to be in these custom formats, so you just need to copy hand enter the values as seen here to make sure our mobile apps can use your ads.

Custom Format Process

  1.  Inside your DFP dashboard, select Delivery and then Native from the left hand menu:

2. You should see Native configuration area.  Press the "Create Native Ad" button to get started:

3. On the following screen, select "Android and iOS app code":

4. On this screen, you are going to configure the custom advertising properties we need in the add.  Here is a screen shot of the configuration for the Newscycle App Open Ad.  Once you've entered the Format Name and Description, click  ADD VARIABLE:

5. Add the necessary variable per the Custom Format Definitions below.  Here is an example of the CallToAction variable for the Newscycle Mobile App Open. Then click Save

6. When finished adding variables (see below) click Save and Finish.

7.  Now when you create a new line item, select the Custom Format you created by name, for instance we created Newscycle Mobile App Open:

8.  When the line item is created, add a new creative.  In the new creative creation step, select 'Native' and then the same native Custom Format name:

9.  You can now design you creative using the necessary attributes to make it work on our mobile platform.

Custom Format Definitions

Newscycle Mobile App Open

Name: NEWSCYCLE Mobile App Open
Description: This is the ad that will show when the app is first launched before the home page is visible
  Variable Name: CallToAction
  Type: Text
  Tooltip: The text that will appear in the button
  Default Value: More Info

  Variable Name: PhoneImage
  Type: File
  Tooltip: Image used on phones
  Check 'Only Allow certain file types when trafficking' and check '.jpg' and '.png'

  Variable Name: PadImage
  Type: File
  Tooltip: Image used on tablets
  Check 'Only Allow certain file types when trafficking' and check '.jpg' and '.png'

ThirdpartyImpressionTracker (optional)
  Variable Name: ThirdpartyImpressionTracker
  Type: URL
  Tooltip: Called when the impression is generated by this ad.
  URL Type: Third-party impression tracker

ThirdpartyClickTracker (optional)
  Variable Name: ThirdpartyClickTracker
  Type: URL
  Tooltip: Called when a click is registered by this ad.
  URL Type: Third-party click tracker

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