We have been 'beta testing' Publisher 2.0 for a couple months now, and we are ready to make it fully available to all apps!

Starting 1/1/2019 you will be able to log in to the new Publisher interface at https://www.newscyclemobile.com with the same credentials you used for the old Publisher dashboard. You will find Analytics, a snapshot of the Google Analytics information your app puts together. Also a new Content section that shows you the FrontPage of your app, a new Alerts system for your Push Notifications, and the content sections of your app - all seamlessly migrated to Publisher 2.0 for you. 

In addition to lots of amazing development, we have taken a lot of time to carefully document all the bells and whistles of Publisher 2.0. Below, are some of the documents you can read through to help get a feel for the new interface:

You'll notice the Design, Settings and Users tabs greyed out under the Content and Analytics tab... there is still more to come! We wanted to get everyone in and using the new Content and Push Notification features as soon as possible. 

Take a look around, and you'll see the familiar Intercom icon in the bottom right corner. Feel free to reach out to the Support Team with any questions you may have.

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