In preparation for your new OTT apps, we want you to have a check list of those items your team can prepare to make the roll out at smooth as possible.


  • Background Image - Image must be 3840px wide x 2160px high. This is the backdrop to your content. Your branding and content will be over the top so keep it simple; a shot of the newsroom or abstract.
  • App Branding Logo - The image can be any width but needs to be 400px high. Allow for transparency and make sure it reads well over a dark background.
  • Android & Fire TV App Icon - Image must be 1280px wide by 720px high. This is your app icon for your Google Play and Amazon Appstore.
  • Roku Channel Store Icon - Image must be 540px wide by 405px high. This is essentially your app icon for your Roku Channel.
  • TV OS App Icon - Three layer (middle, front & back) designed per
  • TV OS Top Shelf - Non-transparent png 4640px wide x 1440px high. Every app must supply a single, static top shelf image that can be displayed when your app is in the top row of the Home screen and in focus. Use it as an opportunity to highlight your brand.  Keep your brand in focus with the safe zones below:


Advertising and Analytics

If you have all of this information consolidated in one spot, it will make the creation process as painless as possible.  We are excited to help you make your OTT app a success, let us know, using the Intercom button to the right, if you have any additional questions.

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