Alexa skills are, at the most basic level, a set of mp3 files that can be distributed into Alexa listers' homes.  

  • You can provide separate audio files for news, sports and weather.  We recommend, at a minimum, you provide a news audio file.
  • You will need to record the audio.  If you do not have an audio recording system available, you can also record using your mobile phone.  Here are some recommendations.
  • Figure out where you will host the files.  We would recommend replacing the file each time you record a new segment.  That way, you won't ever have to update the configuration.  Our system will look for new content every 15 minutes, so if you simply replace the file, new content will become available within 15 minutes.
  • Many stations simply upload the audio to and use the link share feature.  If you place the share link into our configuration wizard, we will pull that file (and future replacements) from your Dropbox automatically.

If you provide us the 3 urls, we will be able to get your Alexa configuration setup in no time!

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