The article view is the most important component in your mobile app.  As part of our incremental rewrite of the Newscycle Mobile Platform the article view was at the top of our list.  

What Does "Hybrid" Mean?

When we say "hybrid" we mean native user interface elements, native advertising APIs (which pay more) integrated with a web view that can handle all your embedded content we throw at it.  Native is execute from the app binary and can integrate directly with the system OS and device. This gives your app advertising flexibility, maintains article flexibility and makes things faster and more fluid for the user.

Component Breakdown

Key Features


The native header items load immediately.  Everything is progressively loading beyond that so there is virtually no wait times.

More Advertising Opportunity

Instead of the one size, one placement anchored banner you will have 2 new in-line ad slots.  Both of these new slots support banner, medium rectangle or native content ads.

Related Stories

When users view a second article it almost triples their time in app.  Every article will have a section featuring recommended content.

Article to Article Navigation

Again, we want to reduce friction in the user experience and make it seamless to move from article to article.  This seamless transition is a direct result of coding natively in this hybrid approach.


The Hybrid article is built on the 4.33 and is slated for production by the end of February 2019.

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