A new regulation within iOS is now requiring Proof of Ownership documentation for each app within a company/organization. Below, we link a template document that we have seen success with in appealing these rejections by Apple, and a location within Mobile Manager to upload this documentation to prevent further rejections.

Rejections of this nature will include this type of text:

If you find your app rejected for this reason, we have created the following template to help guide your 'Proof of Ownership' explanation. 

It is also a document, found here: http://docs.newscyclemobile.com/content/proof-of-ownership-template

Finally, there is a location in Mobile Manager for you to upload this Proof of Ownership document, that will be attached to all App Builds going forward. 

When logged in to Mobile Manager, from this web address - you will be able to log in like normal. In the left side navigation pane, a Settings tab is now available.

When here, you will see the above screen and have the ability to upload your 'Proof of Ownership' document.   

As always, if you have any questions. Please reach out via Intercom in the blue chat window in the bottom right corner of your Publisher screen.

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