The Long-term Strategy

The article view is only the beginning of a much bigger strategy to open up the app navigation and weave into content flexible ad-types into a diverse array of slots throughout the app.  You will see the theme of trading a single anchored ad for a series of inline advertising in future releases.

Instead of placing ads on top of the user experience, they will be integrated throughout.

Changes in Advertising for "Hybrid Article"

New Ad Slots!

Version 4.33 and greater will give your ad opts ability to upgrade to the new inline ad slots.  Replacing the anchored banner will be two inline ad slots that are flexible enough to support a variety of ad types.

And More Ad Types!

Now you can serve more than just banner.  The inline article design allows a variety of ad types.

Content Producers Can See Placement

In the new publisher at, content producers will be able to see the placement of the above fold inline ad.  This ad appears after the first paragraph in the article.

Releases Q2 2019

In late February of 2019 we will be rolling out version 4.33.  From that point thereafter, you will be running the Hybrid Article.  Here we will cover the advertising within the article.   Learn more about Hybrid Article.

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