Hybrid  Article

The outgoing article was all web-view.  The new Hybrid Article is native code (rendered on device) and a web view living together in perfect harmony.  Here are the key features of improvement:

  • Speed - Photos, video players, headlines and description text will load instantly.  We progressively load the rest of the article as the user engages with it.
  • In-Article Video Player - Video playback and pre-roll can happen right in the article view.  No extra clicking to secondary views.
  • Native Transitions - A new article-to-article transition that feels connected and keeps users scrolling.
  • Recommended Stories - We now recommend stories for users that we can navigate to instantly in app.
  • Still Flexible for Embed Support - We still use a web view in the body of your article so you can embed whatever you need.  Learn more at Advanced Article Content.
  • Lays groundwork for in-line native ads!

Stream Enhancements

Video Preview
You have great videos and we want to drive more plays in any way we can.  In addition to our all new video player, we have added video "tease" to our article stream. 

  • Tease - 10 second, muted video preview will play in stream as the user scrolls.
  • Single Tap Playback - The user used to have to tap 2 - 3 times to get video going from the stream.  Now one tap on the video will launch article view and start playing video.

On-boarding Update

Following to Targeted Push Topics

Many out there were asking for this change.  When a new users opens the app and arrives at the "Choose topics to follow..." screen, we toggle all topics on to ease the barrier of interaction.  Users will essentially opt out instead of opting in from zero.

New Integrations


New Chartbeat integration for real-time analytics when users are visiting Home screen, Subcategory and Article screen. See more details here.

MG2 Paywall

New MG2 Paywall integration.  Another paywall provider should be available on old Publisher for config. The app will adhere to the Authentication of username/password and Authorization of the Articles being read. The integration follows the same structure as all other providers for behavior and configurable labels & error messages.  See more details here.

Ad Related

Hide Ads in Subcategory

Now ads can be hidden at the Subcategory level via a new checkbox in old Publisher.

Native Advertising Design Update

Updated look and feel of native advertising locations to meet more advertiser requirements.Our spots now meet the design standards of the most popular native advertising sources.

Other App Enhancements and Fixes

Animated GIF Support

We now have animated gif support after overcoming a memory leak around gif playback.

Analytic Cleanup

While validating our video playback efforts we noticed some inconsistent event reporting around video.  You should start to see more consistent and reliable analytics around video events.

Podcasting UI Refresh

The audio playback controller in-app has received a much more modern look and feel.

Newscycle Publisher Changes

User Management and New User Permissions

We have long been asked to add some user permissions to our publishing tool.  Along with the addition of a top level "App Owner" permission that can be transferrable we have added an assortment of roles below the company admins.  Expect to see more documentation on this soon.


  • Company Owner - Has full permission to all users and apps owned by the company.
  • Company Admin - Has full permission to access everything in the app and others owned by the company.
  • Content Editor - Can edit content in the app, but cannot change settings.
  • Push Notification Contributor - Access to content and send push.
  • Reporting - Gives users access to app dashboard and statistics.
  • Marketing - Has access to design and layout Management.
  • Support - Enables the ability to submit support tickets that count against your Service Level Agreement.

Proof of Ownership Document

Both Apple and Google have been requiring a proof of app ownership during app submissions.  We are providing a template, instructions and a place to upload your document in "Settings."

Sunsetting Features

Push Notification Scraper and Old Push Notification UI

The push scraper will be sunsetting on March 31, 2019.  Please start using Quick Push in Publisher 2.0. Learn more about Sending a Quick Push.

To ease workflow anxiety, we have ported the page scraping functionality over to the new Mobile Manager:

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