The integration with MG2 allows Newscycle Mobile to leverage your MG2 subscription and user information to provide paywall services in your app.

You can set the paywall up within the Newscycle Mobile Publisher platform.  Select your app, then open the 'Settings' section, scroll down and unfold the "Paywall Integration" setting.  (If you don't have paywall, contact support to discuss having it enabled.)

At the bottom of the Paywall settings, you'll find the Advanced Settings if you'd like to edit those.

You'll need to get the following pieces of information from your MG2 account manager:

  • Base URL
  • Authentication Token (Don't include "bearer ")
  • Source System
  • Media Group
  • Client Code
  • Paper Code
  • Entitlement Code

These are values that are specific to an app and to a company.  When you have these values, you can plug them in (make sure you have the values for iPhone, iPad and Android) then simply change the value of "Paywall Enabled" and you will be live!

Contact support if you have any questions!

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