Setting up base app tracking for comScore is pretty simple. All you need from comScore is your Client Id and your Publisher Secret. If you have trouble finding these values, reach out to comScore for a hand finding them.  Once you have them you can enter them into the Analytics Tracking portion of the Settings tab in the Mobile Manager.

To enable comScore VOD tracking, click the Advanced Settings tab underneath and fill out the sections listed there.

The three values we support here today are as follows (Our Name -> comScore's Name):

  • Publisher Name -> 'ns_st_pu'
  • Station Name -> 'ns_st_st'
  • Station URL -> 'ns_st_c3'

If you do not fill out a section, we will send '*null' to comScore.  

Now that you have those values set up, there is some work that needs to be done in your RSS feeds. comScore needs a Video Id and a Video Title attribute to track videos. We expect the Video Id to be an attribute (the attribute is "videoId" case matters) of the <media:content> tag and the video title to be the <media:title> element inside it. So it should look something like this:

<media:content medium="video" url="" type="video/mp4" videoId="id12345">
    Test Title

These values will be used as follows (Our Name -> comScore's Name):

  • videoId -> 'ns_st_ci'
  • title -> 'ns_st_pr' and 'ns_st_ep' 

Once you have the settings and your feeds configured you're off to the races!

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