First thing we have to do is enable Developer Settings on your android phone. 

  1. Open the Settings for your device.  
  2. Scroll down and click on About Device
  3. Look in this list for Build Number.
  4. If Build Number isn't in this list,  there should be a section called Software Info. Click on that and in that list you should find Build Number
  5. Click on Build Number until it tells you that Developer Mode is enabled (should be about 10 clicks)

Now go back to Settings and towards the very bottom you should see a section called Developer Settings. Click into that and one of the first options should be to submit/take a bug report. When you click to report a bug would will probably be shown a prompt asking if you want and Interactive Report or a Full Report. Choose Full Report and hit Report. The device will now start to build the report, it may take a minute or two to complete, and during that time it will look like the device isn't doing anything. 

Once the report is done, there should be a notification in the tray telling you the report is ready to be sent. The system will warn you that the report may contain sensitive information and to only send it to people/apps you trust. We will only use the report to look at our app to debug the issues you are having, and once we are done with the log, we will delete it. Hit ok and send it as an email to ""

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