There will be 2 'free' analytic options moving forward, Firebase Analytics and a Naviga developed Google Analytics 'lite' option. Both operate on the previous notion of Google Analytics, but are less robust than Google Analytics. 

Firebase Analytics

This analytic option will require a new 'database' set up on the Client end, and we will walk clients through the set-up process. We will also do our best to explain the difference in/lack of information compared to the previous analytic option. There is no dashboard to display the analytic information collected with Firebase, without exporting to BigQuery. This limits our ability to provide dashboards or other integrations with the information collected on your app.

If interested, you can check out this document and reach out to us via Intercom and we will assist in a demo of the platform. 

Google Analytics 

If you are a Google Analytics 360 customer you can still use Google Analytics for apps like you have been.  

If you are not a Google Analytics 360 customer, Google is going to remove access to app tracking in their dashboard. We have worked out a solution to this by using the Google Measurement Protocol to send analytic hits to Google Analytic Web Trackers (UA-XXXXXX-X). This wont give you the same device information as you used to get from Google's SDK and the app dashboard, but we give you the same events and screen views (screens appear as pages in the web dashboard). 

(Note: We’re doing our best to continue to offer the integration with Google Analytics through alternative Google APIs.  While we have tested this and believe it to meet Google’s requirements, as always, the use of Google’s platform is at their discretion and subject to their allowance.)

Premium Analytic Offerings

Outside of the 'free' analytic options, we are still supporting the 4 Premium analytic options that we have integrated with(comScore, Quantcast, Chartbeat and Google 360). Google 360 customers will not need to transition at this time, and clients already using one of our Premium offerings are also in the clear. 

If you are interested in switching to a premium analytic offering, you will need to become a client of one of those analytic platforms, and we will be ready to work with you to get the necessary information entered in our system to begin tracking analytics. 

You can learn more about our integration with Chartbeat and comScore by reading the additional articles below.



If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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