On October 31, the free version of Google Analytics will sunset and be unable to further record analytics for your company. If you are a current Google Analytics 360 customer, you will continue to be able to use that tracking by indicating so in Mobile Manager. If you are not a Google Analytics 360 customer and wish to continue using Google Analytics trackers, you will need to indicate you are using the Web Analytics option.

Below is a walkthrough on how to switch to one of our offerings:

  1. Login to www.newscyclemobile.com and click on Settings.
  2. Open the Analytics Tracking section.
  3. The two options available are Web and GA 360. GA 360 is a paid Google Analytics product. If you are unsure or not a GA 360 customer, you should select "Web" to use Google Web Analytics.

Some notes on making the switch:

  • If your existing tracker ID is a Mobile App tracker, you will need to log in to GA and create a new WEB tracker, and update it in Mobile Manager. 
  • If you have made a new WEB tracker ID, it will need to be added to the field below the selection buttons.
  • There won't be a selection made for you when you first enter this setting; you must make that selection yourself.
  • On October 31, any app that hasn't yet made a decision will be switched onto Web Analytics and a WEB tracker must be entered.  
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