App Versions

CCPA compliance will be in app versions 4.35 or later for Android and iOS.  Contact us by hitting the bubble in the bottom corner if you need to get your app updated for compliance.

App Experience

If you enable CCPA Compliance, your app will add the CCPA dialog to the onboarding stack.  All the same logic we use to onboard users to new features as you opt into them, applies to the CCPA dialog.  Here is the full onboarding stack:

The CCPA dialog is required and is therefor at the end of the stack.  The user must agree or close the CCPA dialog to begin using the app.

Additional app functionality includes:

  • CCPA Privacy Policy - anchor to a specific location in your privacy policy document.
  • Privacy Controls - Allows your users to opt out of Targeted Advertising and send you a privacy request to delete their user data.

Configuring CCPA Compliance

Naviga's Mobile Manager gives you complete copy control of the CCPA compliance functionality.  

You will find "CCPA Compliance" now in the Settings tab of mobile manager:

When you click "Edit" you will see many options, all of which you can override.  Here is how they map to the functionality within the app.

Before Enabling CCPA Compliance

Make sure you review copy with your legal team.  
Naviga gives your legal team complete control of the copy, buttons and click actions throughout the CCPA onboard. Naviga is not legally accountable for the content in your CCPA compliance. 

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