NEWSCYCLE Mobile supports closed captioning for video-on-demand playback.  

Closed Captioning Requirements

The following requirements detail the technical requirements for videos and video providers which want to enable closed captioning:

• The closed captioning must be delivered as a subtitle
• The closed captioning must be delivered in-band* as part of the mp4 or m4v file
• The closed captioning must be provided as a tx3g format (see:
• All iOS devices will support closed captioning
• Android devices 4.1 and greater will support closed captioning
• Video should be aggressively hinted to enable fast playback

 * indicates that this is the required format for iOS so it is not a flexible requirement 

Closed Caption Tips:

• Tools like mp4box will 'hint' videos so that they play back over slower connections much better. It is even more necessary than normal with timed text since there is more information in the  video that is time sensitive.

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