NEWSCYCLE Mobile apps support pre-roll ads made available via a Video Ad Serving Template (VAST).

Once you have a working VAST tag URL, you can proceed to the NEWSCYCLE Mobile Publisher to add the tag to your application.

  • Open your application in NEWSCYCLE Mobile Publisher to your app's configuration page
  • Click on 'Advertising'
  • On the Advertising configuration page, click on "Edit" to the right of "Pre-Roll" to open the Pre-Roll configuration
  • On the following pop-up screen, read the instructions and enter your VAST tag into the provided text space
  • Hit ' Save' and your tag will be live.

Custom Targeting Params

We support the following values within a VAST tag:
[DEVICE_UA] - Device's user agent
[APP_NAME] - Current apps name
[APP_BUNDLE] - Current apps bundle or package id
[IP_ADDR] - ip address
[AD_IDFA] - Google or Apple advertising id
[CATEGORY] - Current category name
[SUBCATEGORY] - Current subcategory name

Here is an example of how to specify these values in custom params component of a VAST tag:


  • If you are having issues receiving fill, please contact your ad provider to ensure your tag is filling impressions.
  • Test your VAST tag using the VAST test tool from google.
  • An example VAST ad tag is hosted here.  This XML includes the instructions necessary for our app to know how to display your video advertisements.  You will need to host your VAST tag as XML somewhere on your infrastructure.
  • The content of your tag should begin with <VAST> and end with </VAST>.  You can test your tags compatibility using this tool.  Place the URL of your tag into the ‘input’ field on that tool and hit ‘Test Ad’.  You should see your ad followed by a demonstration video.
  • This is the full support list: and:
  • The following VAST 3.0 features are not yet supported in the non-HTML5 SDKs
  • Companion adSlotId
  • Companion delivery options
  • Icons
  • Any VAST 3.0 feature not yet supported by the DFP front end
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