We offer an excellent weather feature with our app platform.  Out of the box it comes with some incredible features:

Geo-location - We can immediately deliver weather data based on a user's current location.

Saved Locations - In addition to the user's current location, each user can have a list of their own preset locations.

Native Radar - Our radar uses native map and code to keep things fast.

11 Radar Layer - Radar, Clouds, Dewpoint, Feels Like, Precipitation, Snow, Temperature, UV, Wind Speed, Satellite, Road Conditions.

Weather Alerts - When you use our weather solution you get our user-centric weather alert system.  To learn more see our Weather Alert System.

Weather Flow in App:

Turning Weather On/Off

To use our integrated weather just create a subsection and select "Weather" under Subsection type.

Radar is also a subsection type.  Turn it on by creating a section with "Weather Radar" as the Subsection type.

To learn more about the weather strip on the front page go here.

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