The following are some prime examples for how to format your feeds to take full advantage of our platform.

The article body should be placed inside the <description> element.  All HTML tags except the following will be removed:


Article & Breaking News Feeds

Supported RSS Tags

<atom:summary>: this dictates what eye catcher text shows up in the list of articles view.  If you use this, make sure to add the xmlns:atom="" namespace to your <rss> tag.

Supported MRSS Tags

We highly recommend using MRSS to hold media (images and video).  The full MRSS Standards documentation can be found at

<media:content>: medium  and type  are required for all media.  width  and height are required for images.  duration is required for video.


Supported image mime types

The MRSS type  referenced above must be one of the following values:

"image/jpeg", "image/jpg", 'image/JPG', "image/gif", "image/png", "images/jpeg", "image/pjpeg", "images/jpg", "images/gif", "images/png", "images/pjpeg", "image/bmp"

Example Feeds

Feed Example:
Image Feed Example:

Diagnosing Issues

If our backend throws an error when trying to save a sub-section for a feed, please run your XML feed through the Feed Validation Service at

If this tool reports any errors, you will need to fix them.  Errors will prevent your content from updating in the app.

Looking for guidance on Gallery and Video stream types.  Go here:

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