In November of 2017 we introduced an all new Video Player user experience.  The reason for the design change was to make video plays effortless and continous.

In the Article stream type a video is up to two click away for the user.  The Video Player stream type prioritized the playback of the video.  We list the videos in their own stream and autoplay them.

Supported Formats

  • HLS (.m3u8): The preferred format.  HLS allows quality playback for high and low-bandwidth devices. The type attribute (content-type) of the RSS media item must be application/x-mpegurl.  
  • MP4:  H.264 encoded. VBR, 2 Pass, Target 0.50, Max 2.00 Mbps OR VBR, 1 Pass, Target 0.70, Max 1.00 Mbps.  AAC-LC audio with no more than 128kbps for 2-channel audio.  The type  attribute (content-type) of the RSS media item must be video/mp4.

Example feed

medium  and type  are required, duration  for video and width   and height   for the video thumbnail provide the optimal experience.

Configure It In Publisher

In go into your app and hit "Content."  Click or create a subsection and under "Subsection type" select "Video Player."  Save and publish changes and your app should switch that view to the new video stream!

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