We are looking for partners!  To get the ball rolling, just click the little blue button at the bottom right of the screen and let us know your are interested.  You will receive a response from us shortly.

Developer Account Setup

Roku setup

  1. Create a Roku Account: https://my.roku.com/signup
  2. Login, then choose that you are "enrolling as a company" and fill out the form. 
  3. Send Roku account login email and password to Newscycle Mobile (mobile-support@newscycle.com) so we can submit and update apps (aka channels) on your behalf.  NCM will securely store this information.
  4. If you ever intend to run DFP ads, please fill out https://developer.roku.com/developer/billing.  For more info about the ads that we support please view made for tv ads.

FireTV Setup

  1.  Create a developer account at https://developer.amazon.com/apps-and-games
  2.  Invite doapp.android.maintenance@gmail.com giving this user Administrator   permissions. 
  3. Send mobile-support@newscycle.com an email stating "<app name> has created a Amazon developer account for Fire TV for my company <your company here>"

tvOS Setup

Your current mobile app and iTunes connect account authorization will allow us to submit tvOS apps under the brand.  A noted perk: If a new user installs your mobile app, the tvOS app will install automatically to their Apple TV (if they own one).

Setting Up Your TV App

Once you get notified that your account has been enabled for TV, go back to publish.newscyclemobile.com and click the "Labs" tab under your app.

Select a User Experience

We offer two user experience options depending on your needs.  Here is a brief description of the two choices:

  1. Play Now Edition (Recommended) - People often use TV in a relaxed mindset. Casual consumption is the primary use case of the TV app.  This layout fronts your app with a screen including the core function of the app.  If the user doesn't immediately interact, the watch all experience will start automatically.  All of this is meant to get your user into the content and keep them watching without requiring interaction.
  2. Live Browse - Live browse will take the user to the playlist sections of the app.  The user can scroll through your news clips on demand.

Note: Play Now requires an additional curated feed to function as today's full news edition.

Upload Your In-App Branding

  • Background Image - featured throughout the app.  Your content and logo will be overlaid, so make sure it is simple and represents your brand.  Pick a great shot of your newsroom or use your branding but keep it abstract.  Image should be 1920px wide by 1080px high.  
  • App Branding Logo - This is your app logo.  It is featured throughout the app.  It is highly recommended to give build transparency into your logo.  For example, let the background show through between characters.   We are allowing a range of 200px - 1000px width and 200px high.

Roku Channel Branding

This is the logo for your Roku App Channel.  This image will show in the Roku Channel Store and eventually be featured in the user's channels after they chose to download it. Required size is 540px wide by 405px high.

tvOS Branding

App Logo
Layered images are required for app icons. We are happy to make one for you! For more information or to make your own see Layered Images.

We have built our own tool for you to upload and to preview your layered icon after you upload.  Please see our guide on layered icons for more information.

Top Shelf Image
Every app must supply a single, static top shelf image that can be displayed when your app is in the top row of the Home screen and in focus. Use it as an opportunity to highlight your brand.  Non-transparent png 2320px by 720px

Resources and Templates

For those of you with photoshop or sketch, we have built a template to help you build and export all your TV branding.


This is where your content comes to the big screen.  Edit, add, toggle on/off and re-order feeds here. 

If you picked the "Play Now" user experience earlier, you will be required to enter a feed here.  You can rename it depending on how you want to use it.  It's meant to be a single go-to spot for your user to catch up on all the news across sections.  Feel free to offer a larger feed here.

For more technical information on content made for TV see Producing Content for TV.

Advertising & Analytics

We are in the early stages with these TV platforms.  As soon as progress is made on each platform we will update our offering so you can start generating more revenue.

  • Video Ad Serving Template - At this moment ad tags will only work for Roku.  As soon as tvOS ads support we will ad it.  For more detail about how ads work on our offering see made for tv ads.
  • TV App Google Analytics - This works with both platforms offered.  Need to be mobile tracker IDs (not web).

Review & Submit

Finally, you are ready to submit your app to built and reviewed.  You have some final choices to make.

  • You can differentiate your title for TV.
  • You can differentiate your description for TV.
  • You can choose which platforms to publish.  Right now your choices are Roku or tvOS.  Pick one or both.
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