Layered Icon

A layered image consists of two to three distinct layers that come together to form a single image. The separation between layers, along with use of transparency, creates a feeling of depth. As someone interacts with an image, layers closer to the surface elevate and scale, overlapping lower layers farther back and producing a 3D effect.

Using our Preview/Upload Tool

We have built a preview and upload tool into our made for TV setup.  After you have created your PNG images at 1280px wide by 768px high.

Note: 3 layer images are required not 5.


Recommended Safe Zones

To determine the appropriate size for a layered image, take both the unfocused and focused states into account. During the parallax effect, background layers may be cropped slightly, so keep essential content within a safe zone and include some additional breathing room to make sure your content always looks great.

General Guidelines

Every app needs a beautiful and memorable icon that attracts attention in the App Store and that stands out on the Apple TV Home screen. Your icon is the first opportunity to communicate, at a glance, your app’s purpose.

Provide a single focus point. Design an icon with a single, centered point that immediately captures attention and clearly identifies your app. People shouldn’t have to analyze the icon to figure out what it represents.

Keep the background simple. Don’t clutter your icon with too much background noise. Give it a simple background so higher layers stand out and it doesn’t overpower other app icons nearby. Remember, you don’t need to fill the entire icon with content.

Use words only when they’re essential or part of a logo. An app’s name appears below its icon when the icon is in focus. Don’t include nonessential words that repeat the name or tell people what to do with your app, like "Watch" or "Play." If your design includes any text, emphasize words that relate to the actual content your app offers.

Don’t include screenshots. Screenshots are too complex for an app icon and don’t generally help communicate your app’s purpose. Instead, take the time to design a beautiful and engaging icon that really pops.

Keep icon corners square. The system applies a mask that rounds icon corners automatically.

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