This step-by-step video shows you how to find the information you need about your app. Some of the items you will learn from the video: 

  • Number of new users and total active users
  • Users by Country, State, City, etc
  • Top devices used
  • User engagement - which articles are viewed, which pushes are most effective, etc
  • Session Duration

You can play the video directly here:

Quick Finds

If you have a specific question, see the time stamps below to help jump around in the video and answer any questions you might have with the Google Analytics Platform. 

Front Page Overview - 1:20
Events - 6:00

  • Push or App Open - 6:30
  • In-App Content - 9:45
  • User Navigation - 14:00

Audience - 15:35

  • Geographic - 16:20
  • Session Duration: 17:30

Realtime Metrics Overview - 19:40

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