This publisher platform allows you to segment your users into the following roles:

  •  Company Administrator: This user has full privileges across all the apps in your company.  A company administrator can add and delete users.
  • Station Admin: This roll will grant the user access to manage a specific app's content (ex: feeds, branding, pushes) as well as create other users for the app.  A user can be a "station admin" for one to many apps within the publisher platform.  Station admins can not delete users.  This is a security measure to prevent a disgruntled employee from locking others out and defacing app.
  • Push Only: This roll will grant the user access to only send push notifications for an app.  A user can be a "Push Only" role for 1 to many apps.

Managing Users

To manage your users, simply press the Users  link at the top of the Publisher:

First select your app.  If you are a Company Administrator you will see a + Add Company Admin  button.  If you wish to add a normal user (Station Admin or Push only) click the + Add User  button.

When adding a normal user you can select apps the user is an admin for (Station admin ) and/or apps the user has push only rights:

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