Images in App: 

We have two ways to show images on the front page of an app:

  1. We will pull the first image from the article list. This means it could come from the 5th article in that subsection if that's the first article with an image. The example below shows the image being shown is from an article within this section of the app. 

2. You can upload or specify a URL to an image that you host in the "Edit Subsection" dialog.  This image will be a fallback if none of the items in your feed have an image.  You can also check the "Always show photo" which will always show the uploaded/hosted image regardless of the images in the feed.

Not Seeing Images in your App:

When testing your app, you may find that a tile is gray and has no image showing.

You will need to work with your CMS provider to get MRSS tags containing your images into the RSS item.  Images cannot be in the article body section of the RSS feed. They need to be an element in your RSS feed, specifically an MRSS tag. 

You can visit our content documentation where it gives you a complete example of how to use MRSS here:

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