The Newscycle Mobile platform supports sending push notifications for Apple (APNS) and Google (GCM).

The Notification summary page looks like this.  Pushes scheduled to go out are at the top, followed by ones that have already been sent.  By default, your current timezone is attempted to be detected, but you can change it in the upper right dropdown.

The numbers below the Apple and Google Android logos are the number of registered users of your app that have push notification turned on. Keep in mind that this number goes up and down based on the user choosing to turn push services on or off at any given time. We grab this information from the last push notification sent.

Sending a push

When you want to send a push, click on the "+ New Push" button.  You will be presented with:

At this point you can choose to:

  • Enter a website URL that we will do a best-effort scrape of content (image, title, article body). Hit "Next >"
  • Click "Skip" to go to the next page where you will manually enter the push content

Entering notification content

When authoring the notification content, you can choose to push to:

Notification section

This is a special section in app that holds pushes that are backed by articles.  You write the content, provide an optional picture and credit.  We do not support pulling data from your RSS feed.  We made this decision because this would require that the article already be propagated to your CMS.  Being first to market is important, so this architecture allows you to get the information out fast and beat your competition.

When the end user clicks on the push notification on their device, they are taken directly to the article you just authored, inside the special notification section in-app.

Custom section

If you would prefer to not author the article content, you can choose to send users to a section inside of your app.  For example "Weather":

When the end user clicks on the push notification on their device, they are taken directly to the section you chose.

What push looks like if they are in app

If the end user does not click on the push notification in their notification tray OR if they are in app when push is sent, it will look something like this:

This red push banner will display until:

  •  It is clicked
  • The time passes what you specified for "Banner on home page displays"
  • Notification section (bell in upper right) is viewed

Push delivery time

For both Notification Section and Custom Section pushes you have the ability to send the push now (delivered typically in under a minute) OR you can specify to schedule the push for a later date by clicking "Send Later".  

Editing pushes

Once a push has gone out, you can not edit the Notification Message in the end users system tray, as it has already been sent to devices.  You can however edit the title and assets of the article that shows up in app.  Simply click "Edit Story".  If the push has been sent out more than 2 hours ago, you will have the ability to "Hide" an article in app.  You can not remove the Notification Message from the end users system tray.

If you wish to edit a scheduled push, you will need to delete it then re-add.

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