The Naviga Mobile Manager platform requires a few branding images for display inside the mobile app and in the app store.  You set the branding assets by going to the "Settings" tab in the Mobile Manager platform.  Some assets require re-build and re-submission of the app (noted below).

Top Bar Logo

The Logo used throughout the in-app interface. We suggest using transparency instead of white backgrounds.  Requires resubmission upon changing. PNG format, size: 1000w x 320h

App Icon

Transparency and Alpha Channels must be removed (required by Apple, see guidelines here). Used as the icon for the app on the device and in both Apple and Google Play marketplaces.  Requires resubmission. PNG format, size: 1024w x 1024h

Android Feature Graphic

Used if your app gets featured in the Google Play store. PNG format, size: 1024w x 500h.

Android Custom Push Icon

You can now 'brand' your Android push alert icons. These icons are flat, pictured 'face on' and must be white with a transparent background. More information can be found at Status Bar Icons from the Android Dev Docs. 

Note: this is not supported on iOS devices. 

Extra High Density: PNG, 48hx48w
High Density: PNG 36hx36w
Medium Density: PNG 24hx24w
Low Density: PNG 18hx18w

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